Demystifying the Master Limited Partnership (MLP): The Investment Case for MLPs in Individual and Institutional Portfolios.

Please join the Pointe Capital Management energy investment experts on June 9th from 8:00-9:30 am at the Detroit Athletic Club for this lively discussion about MLPs, one of the best performing and yet, misunderstood publicly traded asset classes.  MLPs are an attractive investment with strong historical performance, cash generation with an increasing yield, liquidity and an underlying investment in energy infrastructure, a vital component to our nation's economy.  Specific presentation topics include the following: the investment case for MLPs in individual & institutional portfolios, tax & estate benefits, UBTI in tax-exempt portfolios, historical out-performance over other asset classes, the lack of correlation with traditional asset classes including commodities, the various investment methods to access MLPs and an education on MLP sector breakdown (core, semi-core, non-core).

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