Business Profile

We are an asset manager and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). We are 100% employee-owned with no competing businesses, affiliates or conflicts. Our industry experience includes working with individual and institutional investors. We act as a stable Fiduciary in the best interest of our clients. We are fee-based in structure, transparent in operations and have a team focused, client-centric, open-architecture approach to service. We have a repeatable investment process and an established track record of which we are proud.

Pointe Capital Management Fact Sheet (PDF)

Pointe Capital Management Fact Sheet (PDF)


Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and grow our clients' assets over time through prudent investment stewardship.   


Founded in 2010 as a fully independent Registered Investment Advisor and Fiduciary, the Co-Founders of PCM set out to create a firm free from competing conflicts of interests from parent organizations.  The foundation of PCM is based on placing the interests of our clients before our own, allowing us to find the best investment options for each client.  Since our formation, we have added team members in a disciplined fashion, allowing differing skill sets to complement one another.  Building on the success of our Diversified Asset Allocation Strategy and expertise in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), in 2013 we established the Pointe Capital Management MLP Income and Growth Strategy which invests solely in publicly traded MLP securities in the midstream space.  In 2014, we established the PCM Large Cap Value strategy as a complement to our diversified and MLP products.


Independently owned and operated by the Managing Members and Directors of the Limited Liability Company (LLC). No competing businesses, affiliates or conflicts with outside entities. 


Accountable. Open and Transparent. Client-focused. Team oriented.